kim and i ate at CPK the other night. it’s our new favorite pizza place. holding hands while walking on our way home, we passed by our old favorite pizza resto, X. suddenly, i thought of how we loved pizza X, too. i remembered how you and i used to have lunch there on wednesdays. and now, having a taste of what good pizza really is, i wonder why pizza X seemed to taste oh so good, then. i thought, maybe it’s more of your company that makes pizza X good.

so, i was thinking about you and i know i missed you that night. of all nights, i thought, that night while i was holding hands with my boyfriend?! haha. anyway, i do miss you, even now as i write this entry. i miss our college days when we would sit along the hallway and, uhm, i really don’t know now what we were doing there then, hehe. you claimed we were boy hunting when I thought we were girl watching. hehe. i miss having the same menu for lunch with you for a sem. you have a thing against changes, ayt? i miss watching asian horror films with you. i miss going to sm north, after our polsci class, to accompany you to bowling class (i used to sit in for your taekwondo class, too, remember?), then i do window shopping until your class ends. sometimes, i would watch you bowl. that was how our wednesdays at pizza X started. remember, we even ate there on a heart’s day because it happened to be a wednesday? we ordered the love special with heart-shaped chocolates for dessert, haha. but we haven’t dated since, uhm, i guess, you had a boyfriend. that was when pizza X became kim and i’s date place, because i would always crave for pizza X. but now that we have CPK, pizza X is just plain history.

i feel a little sad. i hope you and i will never be history like our pizza X days. hehe. funny because thinking about it feels like we really broke up in good terms. and i feel like asking myself why things have to change between us. then i remembered you asking me a similar question once when you were talking about one of your friends:

you: e bakit naman ganun? bakit kailangang may magbago?
me: ganun talaga. something’s gotta give.

i was just making asar then, though. i was just referring to that movie you liked. but now, more than ever, i felt how true it is. something’s gotta give.

hey! i miss you.



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