meantime boy

it was one of those bus rides, when i think of depressing things, that i thought about the meantime girl. many of us might have heard of or even met one. i don’t want to be a meantime girl.

but why was i thinking of finding one? a meantime boy, i mean. he would always be there for me 24/7. he would always be just a text or a call away. he would be delighted to do favors for me. he would agree to ride the mrt (multiple roundtrips) with me when i just want to kill time because i still don’t want to go home. he would appreciate my surprises and he would surprise me once in a while. he wouldn’t expect much from me. i could expect a lot from him. he would just always be there. never busy. never tired. always waiting for me. just for me. my meantime boy.


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